Video Game Systems

Video game systems (By generation):

First generation (1972–1980)

Name Release date Manufacturer Type
Magnavox Odyssey 1972 Magnavox Console
Ping-o-Tronic 1974 Zanussi/Sèleco Dedicated
Coleco Telstar 1976 Coleco Dedicated
APF TV Fun 1976 APF Dedicated
Philips Odyssey 1976 Philips console
Radio Shack TV Scoreboard 1976 Radio Shack Dedicated
Color TV Game 6 (Japan only) 1977 Nintendo Dedicated
Color TV Game 15 (Japan only) 1978 Nintendo Dedicated
Color TV Racing 112 (Japan only) 1978 Nintendo Dedicated
Color TV Game Block Breaker (Japan only) 1979 Nintendo Dedicated
Computer TV Game (Japan only) 1980 Nintendo Dedicated
BSS 01 (DDR only) 1980 Kombinat Mikroelektronik Erfurt Dedicated

Second generation (1976–1983)

Name Release date Manufacturer Type
Fairchild Channel F / Video Entertainment System (VES) 1976 Fairchild console
Channel F System II 1979 Fairchild console
RCA Studio II 1976 RCA Console
Atari 2600 / Atari Video Computer System (VCS) / Sears Video Arcade 1977 Atari Inc. Console
Atari 2600 Jr. 1986 Atari Inc. Console
Atari 2800 / Sears Video Arcade II (Japan Only) 1983 Atari, Inc Console
Coleco Gemini (Atari 2600 hardware clone) 1982 Coleco Console
Bally Astrocade 1977 Midway console
Interton VC 4000 1978 Interton console
Magnavox Odyssey² 1978 Magnavox / Philips console
APF Imagination Machine 1979 APF console
Intellivision 1980 Mattel console
PlayCable 1981 Mattel Adapter of Intellivision
Bandai Super Vision 8000 1979 Bandai console
Intellivision II 1983 Mattel console
CreatiVision 1981 VTech console
Epoch Cassette Vision 1981 Epoch console
Super Cassette Vision 1984 Epoch console
Emerson Arcadia 2001 (Leisure Vision in Canada) 1982 Emerson Radio console
Atari 5200 (America Only) 1982 Atari Inc. console
Atari 5100/Atari 5200 Jr. 1982 (Atari 5200) Atari Inc. console (prototype)
ColecoVision 1982 Coleco console
Entex Adventure Vision 1982 Entex console
Vectrex 1982 Smith Engineering console

Third generation (1983–1992)

Name Release date Manufacturer Type
RDI Halcyon 1985 RDI Video Systems console
PV-1000 1983 Casio console
Commodore 64GS 1990 Commodore console
Amstrad GX4000 1990 Amstrad console
Atari 7800 1984 Atari Corporation console
Atari XEGS 1987 Atari Corporation console
Sega SG-1000 1983 Sega console
Sega SG-1000 II 1984 Sega console
Sega Master System, Sega Mark III 1985 Sega console
Sega Master System II 1992 Sega console
Sega Master System III 1997 Tec Toy console
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) / Famicom 1983 Nintendo console
C1 NES TV / Sharp Nintendo Television 1983 Nintendo / Sharp console
NES-101 / AV Famicom 1993 Nintendo console
Famicom Disk System (Japan only) 1986 Nintendo console add-on
Zemmix 1985 Daewoo Electronics console
Action Max 1987 Worlds of Wonder console
Name Release date Manufacturer Type
Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis 1988 Sega console
Sega Power Base Converter 1990 Sega console add-on
Sega Mega Drive II 1993 Sega console
Sega Genesis II (North America Only) 1994 Sega console
Sega Mega Drive III (Brazil Only) 1998 Sega console
Sega Genesis 3 (Americas) 1998 Sega console
Sega CDX / Multi-Mega 1994 Sega console
Mega-CD/Sega CD 1991 Sega console add-on
Sega 32X 1994 Sega console add-on
JVC X’eye / The Wondermega Sega / JVC console
Sega Pico 1994 Sega / Majesco console
PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 1987 NEC console
TurboGrafx-CD 1990 NEC console
SuperGrafx 1989 NEC console
Konix Multisystem Unreleased Konix console
Neo-Geo 1990 SNK console / Arcade
Neo-Geo CD 1994 SNK console
Neo-Geo CDZ 1994 SNK console
Commodore CDTV 1991 Commodore console / Personal computer
Memorex VIS 1992 Memorex console
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) / Super Famicom 1990 Nintendo console
SF-1 SNES TV (Japan Only) 1990 Nintendo / Sharp console
SNES 2 / Super Famicom Jr. 1997 Nintendo console
SNES-CD Cancelled Nintendo console
Satellaview (Japan Only) 1993 Nintendo console add-on
FM Towns Marty (Japan Only) 1991 Fujitsu console
CD-i 1991 Philips console / Media player
TurboDuo / PC Engine Duo 1991 NEC console
Pioneer LaserActive 1993 Pioneer console
Super A’Can 1995 Funtech console

Fifth generation (1993–2006)

Name Release date Manufacturer Type
Virtual Boy 1995 Nintendo console
Apple Pippin 1995 Bandai/Apple Inc. console
PC-FX 1994 NEC console
Atari Panther cancelled Atari Corporation console
Atari Jaguar 1993 Atari Corporation console
Atari Jaguar CD 1995 Atari Corporation console add-on
Atari Jaguar II cancelled Atari Corporation console
PlayStation 1994 Sony console
Net Yaroze 1997 Sony console development kit
Sega Saturn 1994 Sega console
Panasonic M2 cancelled Panasonic console
3DO 1993 Panasonic / Sanyo / GoldStar console
Amiga CD32 1993 Commodore console
Casio Loopy 1995 Casio console
Playdia 1994 Bandai console
Nintendo 64 1996 Nintendo console
Nintendo 64DD 1999 Nintendo console add-on
Sega Neptune Cancelled Sega console
PSone 2000 Sony console

Sixth generation (1998-2013)

Name Release date Manufacturer Type
ApeXtreme canceled Apex Digital console
Atari Flashback 2004 Atari Dedicated
Dreamcast 1998 Sega console
L600 canceled Indrema console
Nintendo GameCube 2001 Nintendo console
Nintendo Gameboy Player 2003 Nintendo console add-on
Nuon 2000 VM Labs console
iQue Player 2003 Nintendo console
Panasonic Q/Q Game Boy Player 2001 Nintendo / Panasonic console
PlayStation 2 2000 Sony console
PlayStation 2 Slimline 2004 Sony console
PSX (DVR) 2003 Sony console
V.Smile 2005 VTech console
XaviXPort gaming console 2004 SSD Company console
Xbox 2001 Microsoft console

Seventh generation (2005–Present)

Name Release date Manufacturer Type
Atari Flashback 2 2005 Atari Inc. Dedicated
Atari Flashback 3 2011 AtGames Dedicated
Atari Flashback 4 2012 AtGames Dedicated
EVO Smart Console 2006 Envizions console
Retro Duo 2008 Retrobit console
Game Wave 2005 ZAPiT console
Mattel HyperScan 2006 Mattel console
OnLive 2010 OnLive Gaming on demand
Phantom cancelled Phantom console
PlayStation 3 2006 Sony console
PlayStation 3 Slim 2009 Sony console
PlayStation 3 Super Slim 2012 Sony console
Wii 2006 Nintendo console
Xbox 360 (original white) 2005 Microsoft console
Xbox 360 Slim 2010 Microsoft console
Sega Firecore 2008 AtGames console
Zeebo 2009 Zeebo Inc. console
Zone 2010 Ultimate Products Ltd. console
Sega Zone 2010 Atgames / Sega console

Eighth generation (2012-Present)

Name Release date Manufacturer Type
Wii U November 2012 Nintendo Console
Ouya June 2013 Boxer8 Console
GameStick April 2013 PlayJam Console
Playstation 4 Christmas 2013 Sony Console
Shield Project 2013 Nvidia Console
Steam Box TBA Valve Console

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