About Theory of Gaming

First and foremost, we’re gamers; more specifically, we are passionate video game players who love nothing more than to spend our time playing and discussing the ins and outs of what makes the games we love, like and dislike, great, terrible or in-between.

What prompted us to found Theory of Gaming was a dissatisfaction with the current state of video game reviews that provide consumers a snapshot of whether a game is simply playable. The consumer review “standard” of a seven to 10 point scale equating to a “passable” game comes up short – we strive for something better – a comprehensive, educated discussion.

Theory of Gaming is designed with the express purpose of providing game developers with meaningful insight into what we, the game players, find enjoyable, intuitive or frustrating about the games they’ve developed. Developers spend hours lovingly crafting their games with the hope that gamers like us will spend equally as many hours enjoying them, and many times we do. But there are times we don’t, and the “why?” is important feedback for developers to have, so that they may incorporate this knowledge into their development strategy for future games. Only by providing a better brand of feedback can we expect developers to consistently provide a quality gaming experience.

Beyond in-depth reviews of games, Theory of Gaming readers can expect quality essays on gaming industry topics. Similar to our reviews, we hope to provide thought provoking analyses on the game industry and the major players within it (developers, publishers, manufacturers and consumers) from the game player perspective. Aspects of game theory and gaming culture will be explored, addressed and discussed, and we hope these conversations continue to push our favorite medium forward.

Interested in knowing more about us as individuals? Check out our contact page. Interested in contributing to Theory of Gaming? Visit our editorial policy page.